October 2015

Waterworks wide

Installation with plants and water, 2015.

A piece build on two natural systems touching each other in one dynamic point of differnce. The Water has a circular movment, with a headertank as a reservoir... more...

On Top Of The World

August 2014

On The Top Of The World

Video: 16:40 minutes. Summer 2014.

Made in Alta river valley, with local bees.


Nature reflecting on us reflecting on Nature

September 2013

Nature Reflecting Screenie

Video: 09:54 minutes. 2013.

Made in the landscape around Alta, Norway.
Based on the speach of Al Gore at the Climate Change Conferens in Bali 2007, and the Sound spectrum of the landscape.


You Are Approximately...

February 2013


Installation 2016.

It contains a lightsource, a 50” monitor, an aquarium, medical drippers and a computer.

It is based on 37 random murders from around the world. The information is percived from po... more...