Am I Making Up What Really Happened?

(a.k.a White Scenes)
A major show touring during 2011-2013


Episode One, London

At Beaconsfield, London (November 2011 to February 2012)

What really happened in London 

Episode Two, Karasjok, Norway

(February to March 2012)
What really happened in Karasjok 

Episode Three, Trømso, Norway

Tromsø Gallery of Comtemporary Art (August/September 2012)
What Really Happened in Trømso

Episode Four, Lillestrøm, Norway

Now called ''White Scenes" showing at the Akershus Kunstsenter (February to March 2013)
What Really Happened in Lillestrøm

Alias What Really Happened
Alias White Scenes
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